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From "Ilya A. Kriveshko" <>
Subject Re: Patch for optional Cab task.
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:00:28 GMT
Sorry. I found another bug in cab task (introduced in rev. 1.10) which 
broke it for both windows and non-windows platforms. The change from:
``if(!isWindows) {''
``if(Os.isFamily("windows")) {''
reversed the meaning of the condition. This new patch should incorporate 
the fix for this problem as well.

Sorry for not catching the second problem earlier.

Quesion to ``bodewig'': may anything else be broken because of this?

Ilya A. Kriveshko wrote:

> Wait! Please, don't apply this patch yet. I'll send a new one in a few 
> minutes.
> ---
> Ilya
> Ilya A. Kriveshko wrote:
>> Could someone qualified to make changes to CVS please apply the 
>> attached patch?

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