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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: [Ant2] Tasks as siblings of <target>
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 09:58:50 GMT
Tim Dawson wrote:

> Conor MacNeill wrote:
>>In Ant2, we want to strongly separate parsing from execution. In my 
>>view, parsing will contruct an object model of the build file 
>>which will 
>>be handed to the execution part of Ant. There will no effective 
>>communication between these two phases apart from the build model 
> So you're saying that Ant2 will deprecate the ability to compile and
> define a new task in the same build file? We do this in some of our
> applications and its pretty darn useful.

No not at all. I'm not saying that (although Peter seems to be saying no 
taskdef will be needed. I haven't delved into why, yet). Anyway, dynamic 
tasks should not be a problem. The build model constructed in parse 
phase will be the same and the execution phase just picks the newly 
built class to process the model.

> I think that you can separate the parse & construction of the object 
> model into multiple phases.  A target could be initialized with either
> a list of tasks, or with an XML DOM tree that would need to be further
> parsed into a list of tasks upon first execution.

I don't want to have an intermediate DOM stage.

> If the desire is to provide validation of the XML file, why not just 
> use namespaces and DTDs or schemas?

> (ducks and runs for cover...)

No use, I found you. Well a DTD would really cause problems in the case 
where you define and build your own tasks. No, I fell a DTD will not be 
possible, in general, as it is not in Ant 1.x


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