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From Fyodor Golos <>
Subject combining contents of multiple jar files (and directories)
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 21:18:02 GMT
Is it possible to create one jar file containing contents of mutiple
other jar files? I can currently achieve such behavior with optional
task jlink. However, jlink has multiple limitations and annoyances.

First of all, it does not check whether only a subset of files needs to
be updated. It goes through the whole process every single time. Zip
task, for example, can save me a huge amount of time by not executing
anything at all if nothing has changed.

Secondly, I would love to use filesets to provide a list of jar files to
combine. For example:

<jar jarfile="dist/combined.jar">
    <fileset dir="lib" includes="test/*.jar"/>
    <fileset dir="classes"/>

Currently, something like that would be interpreted as packing given jar
files into the output file "as-is", without extracting their contents
and repacking them again.

Maybe some kinf of a flag on the taskitself or a portion of it would
help? Like this:

<jar combine="yes" jarfile="dist/combined.jar">


<fileset combine="yes" dir="lib" includes="test/*.jar"/>

I hope I am not the only one crazy enough to request such an insanity!

Fyodor Golos
ResGen, Invitrogen Corporation
2130 Memorial Pkwy, SW
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: 800-533-4363
Direct: 256-327-4297
Fax: 256-536-9016

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