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From Chris Nelson <>
Subject Ant + SOAP = Rant
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 00:41:03 GMT
After needing such a thing for awhile, I have started developing a 
distributed version of Ant that uses SOAP to lauch Ant builds on remote 
hosts.  I've worked with Apache SOAP a good bit, so that is what I am 
using.  After an afternoon of work I have the following:

*  A SOAP service which takes 2 arguments (buildFile, target)
*  a taskdef which invokes this service over SOAP

It seems like with just a bit more work I can produce something pretty 
useful (at least to me).  I am guessing that this would be outside the 
scope of Ant itself (but chime in if you think otherwise).  I have been 
thinking of this as a new project, which I have dubbed "Rant" which is  
short for remote ant.

My questions are:  
Is this useful to others?
Does this duplicate an existing project?
Would Apache be interested in hosting it?
If not, could it be linked to from the Ant website?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, I will post what I have 
here as soon as I have enough to feel like its worth sharing.  Any 
comments/suggestions are welcome.


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