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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [SUBMIT] Input task to read input from during buil d run. Can exit build or create property from input.
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 12:36:34 GMT
> Hi ant-dev,

Hi Ulrich!

> First of all a really big thanks to you guys! I benefit very
> much from your work and would like to contribute a little bit
> back to this project. It's my first attempt to do so. So
> please forbear any mistakes.

Thanx for the credits and the contribution.

> Input task allows user interaction during the build process by
> displaying a message and reading a line of input from the
> console ( The user will need to press the Return key.
> The message displayed can be set via the message attribute or
> as character data nested into the element.
> Optinonally a set of valid imput arguments can be defined via
> the validargs attribute. Input task will require the user to
> reenter values until the entered value matches one of the
> predefined.
> Optionally a set of exit arguments can be defined via the
> exitargs attribute. Input task will throw a BuildException with
> a customisable exit message if the entered value matches one of
> the predefined.
> Optionally a property and or userProperty can be created from
> the value entered by the user. This property can then be used
> during the following build run. Input behaves according to
> property task which means that existing properties cannot be
> overriden.
> I've developed & tested input task under JDK 1.3.1 and JDK 1.1.8
> on a Win 2000 machine.
> Originally I developed this task to 'secure' the execution of
> certain sql tasks:
> <input
>   message="All data is going to be deleted from DB. Continue (y/n)?"
>   validargs="y,n"
>   exitargs="n"
>   exitmessage="Build abborted by user."/>
> Will display the message "All data is going to be deleted from DB
> continue (y/n)?" and require 'y+retrun key' to continue build or
> 'n+return key' to exit build with following message "Build abborted
> by user.".
> I'd be pleased if you (the commiters) take the time to look at
> it and I'd be glad if you like this, too.

I am testing it ATM with a colleague of mine an - if it works and nobody of
the other committers vetos, I'd like to commit it soon! Question to the
others: Would this be a build in task or better an optional task?

We find this task very valuable :-)!

> Cheers,
> Ulrich


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