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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: ant sandbox
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 07:52:26 GMT
On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:46, Steve Loughran wrote:
> So, some questions
> 1. Opinions on the merit of the idea..


> 2. If you think it is a good idea, where should it go?
>  proposals/sandbox might work; if proposals/ is for ant.2.0 only then
> another place might be better

Depends on the number you see arising. If there is under 10 I would just go 
under proposals/myfancymod if there is more than 10 maybe chuck it in 
proposals/sandbox or maybe just sandbox/

> 3. build process?
> This may be on a case by case basic. Building into jakarta-ant build atop
> the CVS originals would let people experiment with mods to core code but is
> ugly and troublesome(*); having separate jars cleaner and simpler in all
> cases where it is possible.

Are they tasks or are they "engine/container" mods. If the first then they 
can be built separately. If the second then there is a few strategies. One 
strategy is just to drop a README in there to tell people how to move files 
into main ant tree to get it compiling. Another idea may be to copy the full 
ant tree to tmp place, copy your local mods over ant tree and compile the 
whole thing together. Alternatively you could just use  branch.



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