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From Joel Cordonnier <>
Subject PATH element not resolved !!!! ????? Ant .1.4.1 , HELP please
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:04:54 GMT
 Hi !

I have the following problem:

I have defined a new task named 'configuration', that
read XML datas. These task return the property
'was.home'. And I use these new task as follow:

<target name="configuration">
	   <configuration block="Server"
configproperty="wasHome" property="was.home">
	      <classpath refid="configuration.class.path"/>

Then, I have a target to compile beans. In this
target, we refer to a PATH element.
<target name="compileBeans" depends="configuration">
<javac .....>
<classpath refid="beans.class.path"/>

The PATH element is defined so:
<path id="basic.class.path">
		<pathelement path="${class.dir}"/>
		<fileset dir="${was.home}/lib">
			<include name="**/*.zip"/>

AND THE PROBLEM IS: the property ${was.home} is NOT
resolved in the path element !!!!!!!!!

WHEN i read the code of the <property> task, is see
that there are 2 possibilities in the 'addProperty'

protected void addProperty(String n, String v) {
        if( userProperty ) {
            if (project.getUserProperty(n) == null) {
                project.setUserProperty(n, v);
            } else {
                log("Override ignored for " + n,
        } else {
            if (project.getProperty(n) == null) {
                project.setProperty(n, v);
            } else {
                log("Override ignored for " + n,

The difference between User/not user properties ?? IN
MY OWN TASK, i just use project.setProperty(property,

Thanks for the help,

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