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From Ulrich Schmidt <>
Subject Re[2]: [SUBMIT] Input task without user property
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 13:32:58 GMT
Friday, November 30, 2001, 1:41:40 PM, you wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Ulrich Schmidt <> wrote:

>> This version still has a fail feature. I'll take it out if you veto
>> against.

> I have committed it including the fail feature will start a new thread
> to gather opinions.

Having contributed to ant makes my day! :-)))

>> Stefan, The <validarg>some arg containing ','</validarg> is still on
>> my list.  I'd prefer this to be a patch instead of delaying <input>.

> I agree, this is a part people have been asking for for a long time,
> so we better start with something.

>> I wonder if such arguments would only be used by <input>. Maybe it's
>> worth having a separate argument framework for this.

> Tell us more about this.

A more general approach regarding arguments with validation, regexp pattern
and lots of sofisticated feature creap ;-). I'm not quite shure until know
which other tasks would really need it. Passing mulitple arguments
into a task in general seems to be not a <input> specific requirement to
me. I thought of a similar framework for arguments like <condition>.

Originally this came up because you mentioned totally legitimated that
some users might want to use a comma as input parameter which is treated
as delimiter by the current implementation. A quick answer to this might
be to make the delimiter of the StringTokenizer accessible as

>> I had a look at your conditions in between: Pretty advanced design!

> 8-)

>> I'd appreciate if the example section of the documentation would
>> unravel more features, though.

> You're very welcome to provide more examples, the documentation always
> comes last and I had to beat the Ant 1.4 feature freeze deadline to
> get it done.

I'm not makeing a promise to meet the 1.5 feature freeze dealine. But
added it to my list.

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