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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject pointer to HP RadPak: new Ant dev tool
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 22:49:04 GMT

HP's Bluestone group have just put their new j2ee/web/app server up for free
download and use

What is interesting about this product from an ant perspective is that it
also comes with a new ant centric deployment tool 'RadPak', which is a kind
of xml, jar/war/ear file editor with ant integration built in. They've also
extended the ejb tasks and added a new one to actually do the deployment to
a local or remote app server.

Even though it is a GUI based deployment and packaging tool, its use of ant
means that it can also be used to host the entire build and test process,
which is kind of handy.

The ant UI consists of an XML tree editor , with a text editor mode, and
then you can list and run the targets on that file. There must be a fancy
lister as it animates which target it is executing as it goes through the
tree. There are also some wizards to generate template ant files for EJBs
and things -the wizards themselves look like ant files.

I like this tool for a number of reasons
 -it is a good tool for war editing and things for operations people, who
dont need a full IDE
 -it shows how ant support is going mainstream into commercial products, and
evolving UIs in the process
 -vendor supplied EJB and deployment tasks. Need I say more?

Like all automated tools (eg netbeans) it has some niggles, most niggly of
all is how it restructures your XML file and reorders attributes on <target>
so name goes last. Oh, and it is currently 1.3 only.

You can download RadPak separately from the App server -just go through all
the registration process; it is a big install file (30MB!), so do it from a
fast connection.


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