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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject ant sandbox
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 05:46:44 GMT
I want to put some stuff under SCM, yet, by general consensus and for
various reasons, they arent ready for the main codebase yet

They are
 -Jose's prototype of task and datatype definining from a library
descriptor. Here we need to reach consensus on exacly where and how to do
 -the http tasks,  which need to move to http unit to work reliably,
I can also see that this may be useful for other people to put work in
progress stuff that isnt ripe yet, but still needs to be developed in a CVS
managed team process.

I would like, therefore to create a sandbox directory which could have sub
projects underneath; things can go in there without breaking GUMP or being
accidentally used, moving into the main source tree when -and only when-
everyone is happy.

One of the problems of a sandbox is that it can get a life of its own; we
should be ruthless and clean up code which stagnates there, so as to stop
people relying on sandbox stuff. That's brutal but it keeps it under

So, some questions

1. Opinions on the merit of the idea..

2. If you think it is a good idea, where should it go?
 proposals/sandbox might work; if proposals/ is for ant.2.0 only then
another place might be better

3. build process?
This may be on a case by case basic. Building into jakarta-ant build atop
the CVS originals would let people experiment with mods to core code but is
ugly and troublesome(*); having separate jars cleaner and simpler in all
cases where it is possible.


(*) ask me about notebook bios build process NMAKE4 some time.

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