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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject http tasks online unit tests
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2001 21:13:06 GMT
I'm getting the http task set (get, post, head, setproxy) working again,
which, now that I understand much more about the intricasies of how
behaves across different java versions, should be better -although
implementation using http unit would be better. I am not re-using the
base-64 code recently added to <get> as I'm not convinced it works all the
time. When I am then it'll need pulling out into a standalone class instead
of a private inner class of Also, I dont have authenticated post
working yet, but will work on that later.

1. I'm going to file this stuff in taskdefs.optional.http

2. I'm going to add unit tests under and keep that
out the main 'tests' target, so that only people that want to do online
tests will hit the network, and a test run doesnt fail when the net aint
there. I thought about using the <head> task to probe for the network, but
it can still trigger dial up of PSTN/ISDN lines and so incur costs.

3. I am going to run a subset of the tests against the existing <get> task,
also in the online category, verifying that the new authentication works
against a server using basic auth.

Does this seem like a good plan?


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