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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject [Vote] Copy task and remote files
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 03:01:44 GMT
I have attempted to summarize what's been discussed 
with respect to <copy> handling remote source files.
8 & 9 are something that I have been thinking about but not
gotten around to discussing yet, but others have been
discussed.  These points of view have been expressed:

Please vote on which of the following is preferred:

1.  Let <copy> work on local files only.

2.  Let <copy> work on local files as well as remote files.
Remote files may be dynamically generated ones too.

3.  <copy> must do all that <get> does.

4.  Deprecate <get> after making sure <copy> does all that
<get> currently does.

5.  Introduce new attribute "srcUrl" to identify the 
source URL to copy from.

6.  Overload "file" attribute such that it decides whether
to treat value as a or (At least 2
committers and 1 developer have recommended against it)

7.  Provide "username" and "password" attributes to <copy> so that
Basic authentication for http urls can be performed, when needed.

8.  Introduce subelement <urlset> to be used within <copy>
    <include name=" username=x" password="y"/>
    <include name="file://d|>

At this moment urlset doesn't do anything smart - it just acts as a
collection of urls.

9.  If <urlset> is used, do not add the attributes url, username, password.

10.  Throw build exception if URL patterns that don't make sense for copy 
are used - for example mailto:


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