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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: removing deprecated stuff
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:49:08 GMT
From: "Bevan Arps" <>

> > > How about showing deprecated warnings only when ant
> > > is run in -deprecated mode?
> I'm not an official voter, but this gets a -1 in my opinion.
> There seems to be no point at all in forcing people to *ask* (by using a
> commandline flag) to be told that they are using deprecated features.

What I actually meant was, if build.xml contains deprecated stuff,
say it once in big bold words (maybe a screenful of them) when ant is
launched, and don't show it at every task level unless -deprecated is
turned on.  This was actually a suggestion to avoid having to see
numerous deprecated messages, sometimes repeated for the same
tasks.  But I really don't care this way or that - I understand that showing
deprecated messages repeatedly will irriate the user enough to migrate
to the latest and greatest alternative.

> I'd suggest going the other way:
> ONLY support deprecated features when run with a -legacy flag.

The user would always run ant using -legacy turned on without
caring to upgrade tasks?


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