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From "Denis Hennessy" <>
Subject RE: [SUBMIT] Waitfor task
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:49:04 GMT
> * <http> could be generalized for arbitrary URLs, ftp for 
> example. Maybe we should even merge it into <available>?

It's straightforward to extend it to other URL types. However, some of
these need (a) context outside the URL and (b) special logic to
understand what 'success' and 'failure'. For example, LDAP, JDBC and
JNDI urls are useful to support in the sense that they enable ANT to
coordinate a network test or deployment but each of them would need to
be implemented independently. That in itself is not a problem but I'd
like to see a real-world use-case first.

As for building the http request into available, I would be concerned
that user's would get confused by the large number of options for
controlling <available>; it would be confusing, for instance, to tell
whether a file or resource attribute was used for an ftp url test.

> * I have removed the hasPassed flags, we need to think about 
> whether we really want them, and if so, how we can generalize them.

That's fine. It's behaviour is more likely to be what the user expects
if you check each time.


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