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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Copy task recognizes URLs as file attributes
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 23:28:33 GMT
> >My point is why should the protocol matter?  Why *shouldn't* the
> "file" be overloaded?
> 1. it aint a file, it is a URL. I know that you can argue that it is a
> remote file, but that assumes that the url endpoint is 'legacy' static
> content, not some dynamically created or retrieved thing.

One is a local stream, other is a Remote stream - no major difference.
In fact this idea has been discussed in other forms - Peter had
suggested in the future we adopt as a valid command

ant -buildfile jar:file:somefile.jar!/install.xml


So what would we do there?

> 2. The more information we provide in the XML syntax, the less
> interpretation which needs to be included in the runtime, which gives more

Yep.  I agree from developer's perspective - lot less headache.

> list and wherever an attribute was overloaded:
>  <target depends="task1,task2" >
>  <exec os="windows 2000, unix" > (actually this is worse, as we just
> substring match, so "windows" would still get a hit>
>  includes="...", excludes="..."

So it caught your friend's eyes too? ;-)

> 3. Remember that email about how we should have consistent property names,
> srcFile and srcDir, destFile and destDir. Using srcURL and destURL would
> consistent. Yes, I know that <copy> isnt consistent with this scheme, but
> that is a historical feature. We could make it consistent...

I sincerely have no complaints what to name the url attribute - only issue
is whether one such needs to exist and since I have heard at least
3 voices for it, I guess I will just give in ;-)


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