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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: removing deprecated stuff
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:09:51 GMT
From: "Matthieu Bentot" <>

> > How about showing deprecated warnings only when ant
> > is run in -deprecated mode?
> > 
> Do it the javac way? Display a warning that the build script(s) contains
> deprecated uses, be more explicit with -deprecation.

Yes, as well as Ant's way - when you run in verbose mode, you
get messages logged at verbose level.  In debug mode, you
get messages logged at debug level (this includes verbose, of 
course).  I am just suggesting a new log level called 'deprecated'.
When ant is run with -deprecated set, it would show the
deprecated messages.  Currently, we have verbose < debug.
I am suggesting we make it such that deprecated < verbose < debug.
So when one runs in deporeacted, verbose or debug mode,
one gets to see the deprecated warning.

> Move them to another package to avoid bloating the main
> (supported/evoluting) tree?

I don't think we can make this in a clean way.  I mean, moving
tasks would be easy.  What about moving deprecated methods?

-0, if it is possible to make a clean spearate jar.  Reason is,
we don't achieve any real deal by separating the deprecated stuff 
to another jar.  Deprecated stuff are not being supported/evolved
even now.

> What about using xml namespaces do a clean separation between what's ANT2
> and what's ANT1 only? Would also work for attribute usage.

ANT2 *is* going to break backwards compatibility.  So, we
are not worried there.  Question being discussed is whether
Ant 1.5 must be backwards compatibile or whether deprecated
tasks and APIs can be removed.


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