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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Optional tasks
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 11:51:45 GMT
Kevin Jones wrote:

> How does ant 'know' about the optional tasks? Are they defined as part of
> the Ant core?
> For example if I use the JUnit task Ant picks the taskdef directly from
> options.jar (or whatever this releases jar file is called. But if I create
> my own task I have to put a taskdef in my build.xml file, even if I put the
> jar file containing the task into ant\lib. I was wondering where the
> optional task magic comes from?

Kevin, there isn't much magic. All of the optional tasks that come with 
Ant are defined in the resource within Ant, along 
with the core tasks. The distinction between a core and an optional task 
is somewhat fuzzy. In general a core task requires no additional 
resources beyond those provided by the JDK and Ant itself. Optional 
tasks usually require something more, that some Ant users may not have 
installed. It maybe a third party library (jar) such as JUnit or it 
could be something from the javax namespace. Further, IMHO, core tasks 
are somewhat more fundamental in some way. Optional tasks are 
effectively taskdef'd for you, but without the opportunity to specify 
the classpath, etc. They are required to be on the classpath, which the 
optional.jar normally is.

Overall the mechanism is rather unsatisfactory and we have long 
considered a different approach of task libraries which when you drop 
them into your ANT_HOME/lib area would automatically make the tasks 
available, subject to some mechanism to handle ambiguous tasknames.


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