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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.5... importing targets from other projects (implementation attached)
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2001 04:35:09 GMT
On Sat, 6 Oct 2001 02:09, Tim Dawson wrote:
> I'd like to see what interest there might be in adding this to Ant 1.5 --
> its already listed as a 2.0 requirement, but as you can see, there's no
> rocket science here, the implementation is actually quite simple.  I can
> tell you from experience, this would make the jakarta-taglibs project (with
> over 30 subprojects) much much cleaner.

The problem is not how hard it is to implement it is keeping forwards 
compatability. We don't know how it will work in Ant2 and there is some who 
very much dislike the functionality you described and want other solutions. 
Hence why it will never make ant1.x - at least not until Ant2 is solidified.



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