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From Holger Engels <>
Subject Some thoughts about ejbjar
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:44:53 GMT

there are some issues with the current implementation:

1) dependent classes aren't found

2) client jars aren't supported

3) different DeploymentTools cannot append to the _same_ jar. This means,
that it is not possible to generate a jar, that works on more than one
appserver (is this correct?)

4) the naming convention <component-name>-* is not applied to

5) Adding new DeploymentTools requires changes to the EjbJar class

I'd propose the following:

1) use BCEL to discover _all_ dependent classes. The depend-task seems to
not find them all. I have written a visitor for BCEL, that does find them.
BCEL is LGPL - I think, we should use it rather than parsing class files
ourself - IMHO it's a cool mature framework.

2) find classes that depend on home / remote / pk classes. Add server
specific classes and stubs, if required (not for jboss).

3) allow destdir-attribute in ejbjar-tag. Pack one jar, that contains all
classes / files of DeploymentTools

4) just do it - fetch manifest-files from the directories, where the
deployment descriptors are found

5) use naming convention .. the problem is the xml-parser, that does not
allow tags without setter- / adder-correspondents, right?

Open issues:

1) there are dependant classes, that cannot be found at all.
Implementations of interfaces, that aren't explicitely used and
Resource-Files. 'includefiles' of filesets, that are discovered by the
same naming convention like deploymnet descriptors / manifests would help.

2) finding dependant classes should be a feature of filesets.

.. we end up doing a complete redesign of the ejbjar task ..


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