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From Terrence Martin <>
Subject Append to output file in <sql> task
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 23:16:10 GMT
I have developed a small patch to the <sql> task in Ant 1.4 to provide a
boolean toggle called "append". BTW, thanks for adding the delimiter
parameter, we use Sybase, and evidently "GO" is the sybase standard for
SQL command terminators, go figure. :)

The append, when used in conjunction with the output parameter,
writes the results of the sql transactions to the end of the output file
rather than the beginning.

Why? Well we have a rather large set of SQL scripts that we use to perform
an integrity check on our database(s). The output from the commands is
used to do the comparisons to a known good database.

Due to the large number of sql commands we want to be able to keep them in
seperate files for ease of development and maintenance. Unfortunately
using the existing output file feature we can only get the results from
the last call to <transaction>.

The append paramter (Anyone have a better name?) takes a boolean value
(default false) to determine whether or not the file will be appended to
or not.

If there is interest I would be more than happy to submit my change.


Terrence Martin

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