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From "Stephen Oostenbrink" <>
Subject BuildInfo Task
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2001 12:34:52 GMT

I have created a task that creates a release version using a property files
as its input.

The release version has the following format:

        <release number>_<build number>_[date stamp]

- release number: Is the release number for this version of the application.
This number is formatted in the form X_Y_Z, where X is the major build
number, Y the minor build number and Z the patch number.
- build number: Is the number of builds that have been performed for the
current release. This number is increased after each call to the task.
- date stamp: optionally a date stamp can be added to the release version.

This release version can be used to name a release package so that it is
easily identified (example: If required the property
file can be added to the applications jar file. Using a utility class this
information can be displayed and used by customers to indicate what version
/ build of an application they are using

Each time this task is called the build number is increased and the new
build number, build platform and the build date is written back to the
property file.

I would like to submit this task and the example utility class, that
displays the build information, as an enhancement. Does anyone think this
could be a handy enhancement? And if so how do I go about submitting it?

- Stephen

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