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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject Weird Ant behaviour
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 18:41:50 GMT
I have two javadoc ant targets, one for ant 1.3 and one for 1.4 - like this

   <target depends="prepare" name="javadoc">
        <javadoc package="true" classpathref="project.class.path"
                 destdir="${doc}" sourcepath="${src}"
                 packagenames="com.develop.kevinj.http.*" />

   <target depends="prepare" name="jdc">
        <javadoc access="package" classpathref="project.class.path"
                 destdir="${doc}" sourcepath="${src}" >
           <package name="com.develop.kevinj.http.*" />

If I try and run ant javadoc (using Ant 1.3) ant complains that javadoc
"doesn't support the access parameter" on highlights the line

        <javadoc access="package" classpathref="project.class.path"

i.e. when Ant is supposed to be executing the 'javadoc' target it sees the
'javadoc' element and barfs (BTW the name of the target is irrelevant, if I
call it foobar Ant 1.3 still fails).

I guess this is mostly academic, but as I'm using Netbeans which uses Ant
1.3 I thought I'd report it,

Kevin Jones

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