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From "Hough, Adriaan" <>
Subject Re: Three J2ME tasks available
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 15:52:19 GMT
hi list!

i've just completed a j2me/midp project and, on the side created my own ant
tasks for the j2me platform. before you start with "oh, no: not /another/
set of j2me tools!", let me explain why mine is different (i'll leave it up
to you to decide if it is better as well ;~).

first, i only have two tasks: preverify and jar.
the preverify task differs from all the others out there in that it only
preverifies /new/ files (like javac only compiles source with a newer
timestamp than the compiled files). you're also free to specify the location
of your preverify tool either via the system path or via an ant project
property. all other tools out there (that i could get my hands on) simply
preverify /all/ of the code in the specified directory.
the jar task creates the j2me archive and in the same sweep creates the jad
(java application descriptor) from the manifest file. this ensures that the
manifest and jad agrees, as outlined in the specification. also, warning
messages will be generated if the required parameters are missing. other
tools split the jarring from the jadding and simply update the jar size
parameter in the jad.

so, now for the reason why i'm telling you all this: i would like to donate
it all to the ant project (you may call it "sentimentality"; i call it
"giving something back after receiving so much"). i've come to this list by
following a lot of obscure markers along the way, and now i would like to
know from you how to proceed further.


adriaan hough

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