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From Gautam Guliani <>
Subject [PATCH] Java 1.1 basic auth for Get task (was Re: [PATCH] Java2 style auth for
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 21:25:03 GMT

Ok. so here's the patch for Java 1.1 style auth.
I have tested it for JDK 1.1.8, JDK 1.2.2, JDK 1.3 on Win2K

It uses Sun's Base64 encoder class and if that isn't available, falls back 
to an inner class that I included. Could someone with a JVM without the 
sun's classes (Kaffe?) test it pls.

At 01:05 AM 9/6/2001, Peter Donald writes:
 >On Thu, 6 Sep 2001 14:27, Gautam Guliani wrote:
 >> Ignoring username/password is not a good idea, IMO
 >> The user will be expecting to access the protected URL and the task will
 >> fail mysteriously.
 >good point .. maybe an exception "Authenticated URLs not supported in 
 >or similar?
 >> Authentication  in Java 1.1 is cumbersome. Are you sure it is still in wide
 >> use?
 >I don't use it but ant1.x is meant to maintain jdk1.x compatability ;/
 >Frank Zappa observed: "It's not getting any smarter out
 >                       there.You have to come to terms with
 >                       stupidity, and make it work for you."
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