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From Hussein Badakhchani <>
Subject JAR task always creates a META-INF/ is this necessary?
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2001 17:38:52 GMT
Hello, If I am not mistaken the current JAR task always creates a 
is there a specific reason for this? The specification says the 
META-INF/* is optional

I have a patch for this, it introduces an optional withManifest 
attribute (true/false) defualt behaivour as
with jar command is true. The withManifest attribute overrides manifest 
and a warning is generated if withManifest is false but manifest is 
set.  I would like to submit this patch, if I understand correctly I send a
message to this group, subject [PATCH] and provide the cvs diffed output 
of my changes. Does this procedure apply to html documentation as well 
and can I submit code changes and documentation changes seperately or 
should they all be bundled together? Also should I attach my (changed) 
files to this message or is this unnecessary.

Regards Hussein.

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