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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Fwd: Re: <script> needs a classpath param
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:46:52 GMT

Any chance of applying these diffs?  Clearly not to the 1.4.1 branch, 
but to the 1.5 trunk or the (take a deep breath) 2.0 refactoring.


- Paul H



Attached are diffs for and Script.html. In line with recent 
discussions, script now
has a classpath.  Coded are the ideas from a number of people...

Scenarios for use :

1) Not at all, scripts work like present design

2) Specify <classpath> in a taskdef for <script>, if you tinkered with 
the location of
optional.jar, bsf.jar and js.jar

3) Specify <classpath> on each <script>.  This only requires that 
bsf.jar and js.jar have changed

4) Combination of (2) and (3).

There is more blurb in the Script.html diff.

Regards - Paul H
CVS -1, Perforce +1

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