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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: Off Topic: Sad news
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 15:12:37 GMT
Christoph Wilhelms wrote:

> 45 Minutes ago 2 hijacked Planes hit both towers of the WORLD TRADE CENTER
> (N.Y.) - a third one hit the PENTAGON All three buildings on fire, many
> people dead. I've just seen on CNN.

Both towers have now collapsed; I unfortunately got to watch the second one
live on TV.  Over half the office here in Toronto is watching what happened
on the TV in our meeting room.

We've also heard that:
1) There was a car bomb explosion in front of the Capitol Building
2) A 767 or 747 crashed outside of Philladelphia
3) There is possibly another 747 headed to Washington, although the US
millitary is believed to be dealing with that one.

These are the relatively confirmed reports.

> This is the worst news I EVER heard in my live!

Same.  May God have mercy on their souls...

Glenn McAllister
SOMA Networks, Inc.

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