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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: suggestion about javac command and auto-compilation
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2001 14:42:35 GMT
Talk about twisted logic!

You've chosen to ignore the standard to
avoid a few extra characters in the
'cd' command, and then you want the
ant to compensate...

Here's a different approach - put the
'com/y' back. Then, if you really don't
want to type 'com/y' all the time,
on unix define a symbolic link down
to the level of interest, and use that
when you 'cd'. On NT, 'share' the directory
where you want to start working, map
a drive letter to it, then switch to
that mapped drive.

> Tung Teck Lee wrote:
> Hi
> We have been using ant for our project development, has
> been quite impressed with the growing list of features
> and cross platform capability.
> Read the faq, understand that if I compile the java file
> using javac with srcdir = /home/x/
> and resides in say /home/x/B/
> then if A is in the package com.y.B.A, A will be recompiled
> everytime I build.
> for our source file directories, we took out the 'com/y/' from
> the source tree because it is too troublesome to have to
> cd too many levels each time.
> however, it our directory structure, from '/home/x/' onwards
> the directory structure will follow the package name.
> Would really love it if there is a parameter in the [javac] command
> to specify 'basePackage' so that this will work.
> PS: is there is feedback location or something for putting in
> such suggestions for Ant? Can't seem to find it.
> regards,
> Teck Lee

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