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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject Re: Link to 1.4 release on ?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 23:22:33 GMT
>I have to submit a patch to get that to happen. Right now my dev machine is
>in a large number of small pieces, so it will take me a few days to get
>around to it.
No problem.  Hate when that happens...

>With regard to another release, I'm not sure. The broken images can be fixed
>and the 1.4 release rebuilt since there is no functionality changes. The
>other bugs could be fixed in a 1.4.1 release. We haven't done such point
>releases in the past but I see no problem with doing that. The alternative
>would be to live with them until and if there is a 1.5 release. At the
>moment, I'm inclined to go for a 1.4.1 release, but we should certainly wait
>for more bug reports before we move on that.
I like the idea of a 1.4.1 release, and agree that we would want to wait 
a few weeks to shake
out more defects.  

I guess the only real issue is for the release engineer (is that still 
you? :-)   Whomever it is
will have to separate out "new functionality" type patches and "bug fix" 
type patches into
a 1.5 alpha branch and a 1.4.X branch respectively.  

It would be a Good Thing to do it this way, so that "new functionality" 
patches could get
committed sooner rather than later but still not jeopardize stability of 

my 2cents,


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