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From Alejandro Abdelnur <>
Subject [PATCH] ant1.4, pluggable Target and Project implementations
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 00:50:55 GMT

i need to change the behavior of some Project and Target methods, but i did not
want to keep merging my changes into newer versions.

so i've modified ant 1.4 to support pluggable Project and Target
implementations, it follows the same pattern as the tasks and types, a
../ant/ file specifies the implementation to use.

the ObjectFactory loads the in Main.
Main and Ant classes use the factory to create Project instances.
ProjectHelper uses the factory to create Target instances.

(i did not modify optional tasks, there are 2)

the Target class has been modified to change the visibility of the
testIfCondition and testUnlessCondition method (from private to protected) and
added getIf() and getUnless().

at the very end of the ProjectHelper class is commented out a version of the
replaceProperties() method that handles embedded variables, ie: ${a${b}}.

i did not retrofit the ProjectHelper to this pattern as it's a mix of static
and instance methods, this requires some thought.

would you please consider including this changes into the core ?

thxs and regards.


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