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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release 1.4
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2001 10:38:04 GMT

>>Please give it a sanity test. If you think this build is suitable to be
>>adopted as the 1.4 release then please reply with a +1.
>Seems to work so far .. haven't fully tested it yet. One thing though ... why 
>are we still distributing optional.jar separately ?
You mean as opposed to rolling the it's contents into ant.jar ?

Well, taskdefs in ant.jar that are not forking, can only use a classpath 
that is determined at load time of Ant.  Some taskdefs in optional.jar 
(junit, script) would like to be able to choose a classpath late without 
forking.  They can only do that if optional.jar is not in the main 
classpath.  Of course that is a configuration choice for the Ant-miester 
for a particular project, the default being that it is loaded into the 
same classpath as ant.jar.  Not sure I am convicing anyone ;-)  I also 
think that each taskdef should be in a seperate jar (with some 
antbase.jar providing common code), but that too is controvercial I guess.


- Paul H

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