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From (Edson Alves Pereira)
Subject RE: How to get pass circular dependency with jikes
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 18:29:28 GMT
Maybe we need extend the tag <javac> to <jikes> because jikes there is differents
kind of options.

  With best wishes,
  Edson Alves Pereira

X P <> wrote:

>I need help on using jikes with Ant.  I had a problem
>of compiling my projects using jikes when there's
>circular dependency there.  If I use the default
>compiler (which comes from JDK1.3), my projects got
>compiled correctly. I even added the following line
>next to where I specify the compiler:
><property name="build.compiler.fulldepend"
>Anybody has any idea?  Thanks in advance.
>-- XP
>P.S. When I use jikes to compile a simple project (20
>files and no circular dependency), it worked.  Well of
>cause, everything mentioned above is with apache ant project.
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Well done is better than well said 

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