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From Peter Donald <>
Subject -projecthelp == no help ?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 09:29:20 GMT

I am finally converting all my build files to use -projecthelp rather than a 
custom list of targets. The problem of course is that -projecthelp lists all 
targets - even those without comments. As all my build files have large 
number of targets (40 for a complex project to 10 for a simple one) this is 
less than helpful and it actually scrolls off the screen quite annoyingly.

I would much rather the targets I want exposed (ie those with docs) to be 
exposed and not the others (ie the subtargets). In which case it would look 
something like

Main targets:

 all          Generate build products including docs
 check        Perform any built in tests
 clean        Cleans up artifacts from build process
 dist         Generates the distribution
 distclean    Cleans up all genereated files and directories
 docs         Generates the Docs
 install      Installs into Phoenix
 javadocs     Generates the Java Docs
 main         Default target to generate build products minus docs
 printerdocs  Generates the printer-friendly Docs
 uninstall    Uninstalls from Phoenix

which no scroll off screen and is actually a useful facility.

So maybe can we remove all the other cruft at end (subtarget listing) and 
some of the excessive whitespace? If not that can I create a new option 
(perhaps -usage or -projectusage) that does above?



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