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Subject starting tomcat to run servlet tests
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 11:41:48 GMT
Hi, I'm new to this list and have spent a while looking through the 
archives for some info on this so forgive me if it's come up before.

I want to use the optional task to start tomcat, run my servlet tests 
then stop tomcat but I've come across a problem.  The code takes a url 
and polls that until it get's a response so it knows that tomcat is 
running before running tests. My problem is that I have quite a 
complicated initialisation servlet which takes a short while to complete 
but before it does, tomcat returns a 404(file not found code). This 
however is interpreted as a sign that tomcat is ready so ant starts to 
run the tests. They fail. My solution is to put a further check in the 
code to make sure that a 404 is not returned before continuing. I'm 
quite happy to do this and submit the code back in but I wanted to check 
that no-one else has done this or that there's not a better solution out 
there already.

Many thanks.

Steven Shand.

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