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From Matthew Inger <>
Subject [PATCH] PropertyCopy and Foreach (NEW OPTIONAL TASKS)
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 18:06:55 GMT
attached are two useful tasks i have written, that would
be helpful to be put into the next release:

PropertyCopy - double dereferencing (ie. ${a.${b}.c})

  this essentially takes the "from" attribute and treats
  it as a property name.  It gets the value of that property
  and puts it in the property given by the "name" attribute.
  It's useful when you have property names that follow a certain
  pattern with some identifier in it (ie. org.TEST.server)

  ex. <propertycopy name="NewVar" from="a.${b}.c" />

Foreach - relatively self explanatory

  ex. <foreach list="${items}" target="callMe"
               param="item" delimiter="," />

I'm sure there are foreach tasks floating around, but
while i'm posting propertycopy i might as well post
the foreach task as well.
Matt Inger (
Sedona Corporation
455 S. Gulph Road, Suite 300
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(484) 679-2213
"Self-respect - the secure feeling that no one,
 as yet, is suspicious." -H.L. Mencken 

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