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From "hussein Badakhchani" <>
Subject Re: JAR task always creates a META-INF/ is this necessary?
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2001 03:52:58 GMT
I see where your comming from, and your suggestion is valid for standard
archieving needs. My problem is that I also use the WAR task which extends
the Jar task. This means all my WAR files have META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. The
servlet specification 2_2 implys that the META-INF directory is also
optional for WAR files.

Web Application Archive File
Web applications can be packaged and signed, using the standard Java Archive
tools, into a Web
ARchive format (war) file. For example, an application for issue tracking
could be distributed in an
archive with the filename issuetrack.war.
When packaged into such a form, a META-INF directory will be present which
information useful to the Java Archive tools. If this directory is present,
the servlet container must
not allow it be served as content to a web client's request.

(Granted 2_3 maintains that a META-INF directory will be present in WAR
files but not necessarily WEBAPPS)

By patching the jar task the new functionality will be inherited by the WAR
task. I guess I would like the option to not include META-INF directories in
my WAR files as well as my JAR files, which seems fair to me.


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From: "Jon Skeet" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 11:25 AM
Subject: RE: JAR task always creates a META-INF/ is this

> Hello, If I am not mistaken the current JAR task always creates a
> is there a specific reason for this? The specification says the
> META-INF/* is optional

Is there any difference between a jar file which doesn't have a manifest
and a plain zip file? If not, I would suggest that people wanting to
create a jar file which doesn't have a manifest should just use the zip
task with a jar filename.


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