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From "Matthew Watson" <>
Subject Re: TASK SUBMISSION: jspc and projectdependencies
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 01:11:06 GMT
Thanks for your comments, good to hear back from somebody ;-)

> I like the idea of a JSPC task.  We already have an optional <wljspc>
> task for the WebLogic
> JSP compiler.  Perhaps we could somehow create a single <jspc> task and
> make the weblogic
> specific stuff a special case via a flag or something.  There is
> something similar to this in "EJB Tasks."
> Had you already considered this?
This is the idea of the compiler factory - copied from the way javac does
it. I haven't looked at the others because I don't use them - I use only
jasper and I know it works with that. I guess I am trying to offload the
maintenance of this task onto the community as a whole, since I may not keep
up and be in trouble when I want to use it again - also, I move around a lot
and find it hard to keep all my add-ons in order.

> The next question is design/implementation.  I did not look at the code,
> however, I noticed an attribute
> "ieplugin: Java Plugin classid for Internet Explorer"    That is
> problematic for us Linux/Solaris users--
This is actually something I took from someone elses jpsc task - it is
nothing to do with what platform you are on, but is an option you can pass
to the jasper jspc class that does some sort of substitution in a jsp file
or something, but is only specific to the jsps being generated and nothing
to do with ant. I run on linux primarily also...

> The <projectdependencies> task is another matter.   I understand (all
> too well) the problem you are
> trying to solve:  build repeatability.  This area includes requirements
> such as:
> - record the versions of every project/technology upon which your
> project depends
> - sort out the dependency tree-- make sure there are no
> incompatibilities or conflicting requirements
>     among subprojects/technologies

Exactly - this is precisely what it does.

> All buildmasters must solve this problem, one way or another.  The issue
> I have with <projectdependencies>
> is that it makes assumptions about how the build environment is
> organized and essentially implements
> a management policy.

It does to a degree - in posting it I was hoping to get this sort of
feedback to hopefully make it more customisable and "policy free". I would
be very interested to know how other people arrange there development
environment and see if I can incorporate flexibility enough to incorporate
those as possibilities, by making projectdependencies more flexible.

> I believe this is in conflict with the ant philosophy of "policy-free"
> tasks.   Note-- this is not a judgement on
> the _quality_ of the task.  In fact, I may try it out myself.
> Rather, IMHO I think this is the kind of value-added task
> that could be featured in a "contrib" type of area.  Someone mentioned
> as a
> possible future "task portal" for contributed tasks.

I would love to see something like this and would happily contribute my task
to this sort of distribution. Again, I would like to have it generally
available to get feedback and available to me herever I work in a way that I
don't have to support those sites in person - having some sort of central
repository for contrib tasks would meet my needs.
Surely a tiny bit of scoping would be good?

Your propgen task sounds interesting. So how does this work at runtime? I'd
really like to see something similar working over JNDI, so I could use
property files, ldap or whatever...


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