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From <>
Subject RE: JAXP/Crimson timeplan
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:13:03 GMT
On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Stephane Bailliez wrote:

> mmm... ? what will be included from common if the cleanup is not performed
> in all releases ? I mean if crimson already has subset(DOM2) + SAX2 and that
> Xalan has JAXP.bad + subset(DOM2) + SAX2.
> Do you plan to perform the lean distrib for crimson and xalan yourself ?

jaxp.good and xml.common are virtually identical.

jaxp from xalan is very close ( it uses introspection instead of a proxy
to call context class loader, it's just a different trick ).

Any of those should work. And of course, I hope we'll release xalan with
the jaxp from commons - everyone agrees, we just need to do it.

> What is especially problematic to me is JAXP. Assuming you have
> JAXP.good.jar and JAXP.bad inside xalan.jar
> What is your guarantee that JAXP.good will be before xalan.jar when loading
> them unless you specify the order ?

Yes, and think of the fun when you use JDK1.4 :-) ( well, the good part is
that a jaxp.good will be included in the system class loader ).

Well, I understand your point, and I'll try to fix this where I can.

> will not be used. But I guess this is normal since they did not have time to
> rethink about their classloader hierarchy like you did for Catalina. :)

Please ! I have nothing to do with Catalina ( and I'm not sure about the
"think" part in their classloader scheme ). I did part of the 3.3
classloader hierarchy, and I'm quite happy with that.


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