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From "Stefan Tilkov" <>
Subject <exec> and/or <java> in background
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:11:48 GMT
I want to use ant to start my server application in the background. (In
fact, I want to use ant to automate everything from building to deployment
to administration). To do this, I need to find a way to fork off a server
task in the background and leave it running when ant exits.

I know that I could use a shell script or Windows command file to achieve
this, but since our app is running on both Unix and Windows, I'm reluctant
to do that (I would have to write and maintain both). I could of course use
CYGWIN or a similar tool on Windows, but one of the reasons for using ant
is that we want to avoid having to do exactly that.

I have also noticed  that parallel processing is a feature that is going to
be included in future ant versions, but I'm pretty much forced to use a
released version.

I went through the archives and found numerous references to other people
facing this problem, but was unable to find a solution. Is there already a
task implementing this? Is there a patched version of either <java> or
<exec> that can accept a parameter like "background={true|false}"?

I could also code this myself. My current thinking is that an additional
parameter of the form mentioned above would suffice, and I would try to
avoid changing the existing tasks by subclassing one of them. Any thoughts?


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