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Subject Re: Windows Directory Locking
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 09:32:22 GMT

I quite often kill explorer when it gets into a muddle.  No BSOD, just a
nice new desktop that works again when I relaunch it...

In fact, explorer quite often dies all by itself, and just gets respawned,
so you don't usually notice.


From:  on 01/08/2001 12:44 EST

Please respond to

 Subje                                    Re: Windows Directory Locking   

Ask and ye shall receive...
>From Big Brother himself, you can get the free res kit, complete with
kill (kill -f (NT) == kill -9 (*nix))

course, as Conor mentioned, killing the explorer process is ... not
just a Bad Thing [tm], it's a Very Bad Thing [tm]
IIRC (I'd test it but then this email would die), it kill -f explorer
will merrily destroy that process but I believe that will then lead to
either BSOD or it hanging.

I believe I also saw something about kill on this site

for the question about
rebooting windows through Ant.

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> I was going to suggest <exec>'ing "kill explorer" but not really a
> idea. (That's a joke folks - don't try this at home).

well it doesnt work does it? not unless  you have a kill command

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