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From Matthew Watson <>
Subject Task Submission: Project inter-dependency classpath builder and version verifier
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 04:49:33 GMT
I have tidied up my code for this task. It is a pretty complex one, but 
one that I use extensively and have had requests from multiple 
organisations/people to ask if they could use it. I figure the best way 
of doing this is to get it included in ant!

This task does dependency checking between multiple projects/products 
that may have multiple versions. It allows you to specify which version 
you want, what path elements from the project/product you would like in 
your classpath/path/manpath/libpath or specify them from the 
depended-upon project/product itself.
It also does recursive version verification (looking for clashes) and 
recording of what other projects/products were used during a build - and 
it does all this amazingly fast.

The full source tree is here:
The projectdependencies.tgz is the full source with the patches for the and the optional.html
the html doc for it is here:

There is a rudimentary test in
Check the readme.txt file for what it does and how to run it - sorry it 
is not automated... No time at present.


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