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From Matthew Inger <>
Subject task sumbission
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:06:41 GMT
how do i go about submitted a custom task to ant for the
optional tasks library?

I've written quite a few, but some of the more useful ones are:

    Prompt  - ask for user input on the command line.  allows for 
                of input values, and for default values.

    ReplaceRegExp - replaces a regular expression in a file, processing
                the file as a whole, or line by line.   Uses Perl5 RE 
syntax, and
                requires the jakarta-oro package.

    PropertyCopy - a sort of double deference.  you supply a property name
                to set, and a name to copy from, and it will get the 
value of the
                property name you give it, and copy that value to the 
                Instead of  (which is not valid):
                    <property name="myprop" value="${x.${y}.z}" />
                you would use:
                    <propertycopy name="myprop" from="x.${y}.z" />


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