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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: [Bug 2958]
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 03:54:01 GMT
Can I start the votes rolling AGAINST this request???

 "Ant is great but to replace make for most "standard" build
environments, it needs a way to specify any compiler and targets,
 not just javac/jikes and *.java->class files.  Several of our projects
have C modules as well.  A <compile> tag with an attribute
 for specifying javac or jikes or gcc or bcc would be useful.  Then
running ant would build whole systems containing java and C
 files for quicker deployment without the makefile hassles."

Ant is great for doing what it's supposed to do - java builds and

If you meed to do C or C++, use make or Imake - they work great for

Do you only have one wrench at your house? I bet not. Use ALL the tools
have, don't try to make one tool do everything (i.e., don't try to use
as a 'make' replacement.)

In our shop we use Imake to do C++ and Ant to do java. The two
co-exist because we don't force either one to try do the other's job...

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