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From Andrew May <>
Subject [SUBMIT] Additional PVCS Tasks.
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 15:22:58 GMT

The existing Ant Pvcs task provides Get functionality. I have added 
support for Versioning and Promotion. I have also added additional Get 

The classes are as follows:, superclass that generates a list of 
archives/workfiles for the specified project(s), and calls processList() 
implemented by subclasses., subclass of PvcsListTask for performing get's from the 
repository. This class and the superclass take a lot of their code from 
the existing, and support all the existing functionality 
(although some of the argument names have been changed)., subclass of PvcsListTask for assigning version labels 
to the repository., subclass of PvcsListTask for promoting from the 
specified promotion group.

All the options for these tasks are in the attached documentation, but 
basically you can now do things like the following:
- Get from Development Promotion Group
- Build
- Promote Development Promotion Group (to SystemTest)
- Promote SystemTest Promotion Group (to Production)
- Assign version label to Production Promotion Group (e.g. release 1.4)
obviously with some testing inbetween :)

I decided to replace because I felt it would be confusing to 
maintain this as the Get task when there were tasks called PvcsPromote 
etc., and also because I renamed some of the arguments (e.g. label 
becomes revision now that both revisions and versions are supported). I 
do not know whether this is the correct way to do things, and whether should be deprecated, removed or delegate to PvcsGet.

I've tested with JDK 1.3.0 on Solaris and JDKs 1.3.0 & 1.1.8 on Win2K.

As this is my first Ant development I'd appreciate feedback on how this 
can be improved (and on what I've done wrong). I've only implemented the 
PVCS features that are useful to me, but there's quite a bit more that 
could be added. Also, I'm not 100% sure if this is how I should be 
posting this message!

Also attaching an example of some of the tests I've done (tests.xml).



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