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From Don Taylor <>
Subject Bug ID 4479398 may affect uptodate task
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:33:12 GMT
You can view the report here:

I don't subscribe to this group so I won't see your feedback. I thought
I'd pass this along as an FYI so that maybe the Ant documentation can
be updated to warn about this problem when using the uptodate task.

As a background, I wasn't using *just* the uptodate task. When I saw
that a file was out of date, using the uptodate task, I was copying the
file over using the 'preservelastmodified=yes' option.
preservelastmodified uses File.lastModified() to get the date of the
source and File.setLastModified() to set the date on the destination. I
was receiving 994769776896 from the source, because it was on an NT
system, but when setting on the destination (which was a Win95 and
Linux workstation) it became 994769776000. So when the process was
repeated it still showed the files being out of date.

-- Don

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