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From Butch Clark <>
Subject Re: [Re: Windows Directory Locking]
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 08:40:38 GMT

I'd be interested in seeing if anyone has a good solution to this issue.  We
have noticed that on Win2k the file locking can be a REAL problem.  There have
been times we've copied files into the deployment directory that one of the
servers is using, and when the server restarts, the original locked version
magically appears back where the new file used to be.  Unfortunately, I
haven't seen any consistency with exactly how this happens, or even when...

It's gotten to the point where we go to heroic lengths to _ensure_ that what
is deployed is exactly what we think is deployed.  I.e., shutting down the
servers, deleting all the files, making sure they're _really_ not there,
redeploying the files, restarting the servers, etc.

Anyone else had these kinds of experiences (he asked, hoping it's not "just
me" :)


Ken Wood <> wrote:
> Welcome to life on the most popular
> toy operating system...
> Alex Jeannopoulos wrote:
> > 
> > I haven't seen this on the list, so here is my question. Is there any way
> > force ant to delete a directory even if it is open by another process. On
> > windows if I have explorer open to a directory which is to be deleted, and
> > launch my ant script it will fail since explorer holds a lock on
> > and the build depends on the clean process. I have a feeling its an OS
> > feature but I figured maybe someone has an answer for it.
> > 
> > Alex Jeannopoulos

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