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From <>
Subject RE: Ant Classloader - Context Classloader
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 01:53:08 GMT
On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Stephane Bailliez wrote:

> > Assuming ant is run inside a webapp or similar environment (
> > where user code is loaded in a separate classloader ), there are few
> > cases where the current code will not work.
> What are some known problems about the use of Class.forName() instead of the
> context classloader ?
> I read here and there some bug reports in some JDK, but this is not that
> clear to me.

If ant.jar is located in CLASSPATH or in the container equivalent
( tomcat/lib. tomcat/lib/common, catalina/lib/??? ) and the class it needs
is located in a webapplication ( that is calling ant ), Class.forName
will use the class loader that loaded ant ( which will be an ancestor of
the webapp ).

That means ant can't find tasks defined in the webapp, resources, etc.

> The class.forName is supposed to use the caller classloader from what I can
> see in the source.
> However it is not clear for me what the caller classloader is and if it
> works in all cases.
> Assuming you are in class A part of the webapp (and thus loaded by the
> context classloader), doing a Class.forName in a method of class A, are we
> supposed to have:
>  context classloader == ClassLoader.getCallerClassLoader() ==
> A.class.getClassLoader() ?

True only if A is also part of the webapp ( and not included in CLASSPATH
or any parent of the webapp classloader ). In servlet2.3 the rules are
more interesting, sometimes A is loaded by webapp classloader ( breaking
the delegation rule ) - sometimes by the parents.


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