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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: will be removed from JDK1.4
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2001 17:41:49 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

>Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
>>>Would there be a value in a commons-javac?  Several Apache projects seem to
>>>have need for this function...
>>That would be an interesting approach, but also a non-trivial amount of
>>work.  Any compiler hackers out there?
>I guess I wasn't clear.
>It seems that more than one Apache project has a need to wrapper java
>compilers (classic, modern, jikes).  It also seems that the amount of logic
>for dealing with the ideosyncracies with the various releases (1.2 only has
>classic, 1.3 has both, 1.4 may only have modern) continues to grow,
>particularly if now a classloader is recommended...
>Perhaps we could come up with a single set of common code which can be used
>by multiple projects?
That's an excellent idea. An interface encapsulating "compile this" 
would be great. Especially if we could have a flag for in-process vs. 
fork, and the ability to pass an InputStream even to compilers that 
insist on compiling from the file system (the library would deal with 
temporary files in a compiler-dependent and platform-friendly way), and 
the ability to get the class file as an OutputStream...

While we're on the topic of new projects, I've been thinking about 
writing a Java Gestalt object. Basically it would implement a hell of a 
lot of "has" methods, like "hasJava2Collections()" or "hasRMI()", in a 
way that's easier to code to than catching ClassNotFound exceptions... 
It would make it somewhat easier to write code that runs on multiple 
VMs. Would anyone else find this interesting?

 - A

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