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From Kurt Huwig <>
Subject Re: Ant2 suggestions
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:15:53 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:


> >> (2) Ant doesn't guarantee any order - even within a single fileset.
> >
> > This should be made clear.
> Yes, thanks, volunteer to update the documentation? 8-)

I meant that specifying several filesets should preserve the order of the
filesets, so you have control over the sequence of files. And this certainly
has to be documented.
> > The sequence of the files is very important for this task.
> If it is a custom task, the task could sort the files itself.  The
> order of files in a FileSet is the order in which File.list returns
> them (searching directories recursively as it goes).

That's fine, but when there are several filesets within one task, the order
should be preserved.
> > There is better code in the upcoming 1.4 release where the URL is
> > not accessed.
> Slow down a little, Ant 2 is just ready to drop JDK 1.1 compatibility 8-)

I know, there is no 1.4 up to now, but attending JavaOne was very exciting
> > So, I can get the current version out of CVS, implement a
> > Task-Superclass that supports Collections, port some tasks to it and
> > see if it works.
> Collections would make it a no-go for Ant 1.x, and there is no design
> for Ant2 to work against ATM.

So I can start with Ant 1.x and supply a patch that uses JDK 1.2/3 features.
Does 1.3 represent a common base? It's been around for a while and Ant2 will
not be there for quite a while.

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