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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Logo voting (was:RE: Logo?)
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:40:59 GMT
> Add ant-user as well, IMHO.

> > One may not give more then one vote for each logo.
> You mean must not, yes?


> > One of the comitters (I could offer myself :-)) collects these
> > voting-mails and counts the votes.
> Do you really want to do this manually?  Good luck 8-).

I'd do it if we have no other option :-)

> I'd prefer a single vote instead of three (you'll want to weight the
> votes if you allow three choices) of them, but I could live with your
> voting system.

I thought of not weighting the votes. If one just has ONE favorite, then he
has the option to give only one single vote. I should have written "up to
three votes".

> I suggest to have people send their votes to the person who tallies
> the votes (or a dedicated voting account) instead of ant-(dev|user).
> Peter talked about free web based voting services - has anybody had
> some good experience with one of them and could recommend one?

Works for me, too


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